Every week on our show Built In Texas, we introduce you to some of the innovative and inspiring women that call Texas home. Regardless of industry, there are exciting things happening in the state and much of that is because of the women that live, work and do business here.

Meet Shireen Abdullah, CEO, Yumlish.

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When it comes to your career/professional pursuits, what challenge are you (or your organization) looking to solve? What is your personal mission?

At yumlish, we are on a mission to eradicate diet-related chronic illnesses through culturally adapted nutrition education paired with addressing socioeconomic barriers to dietary adherence. We are focused on Hispanic communities with disproportionately high rates of diabetes. 

Biggest lessons learned from the pandemic?

Moving our delivery model was a blessing in disguise during COVID. We didn’t think that participants would be open to it. Not only did they show up, but we had 90% weekly attendance rate and 90% completion rate for our programs.

What is the biggest misconception people have about you?

Because of my work people think I eat healthy all the time. I do the best I can just like anyone. Good health is a journey of good and better choices.

Currently: Reading? Watching? Listening to?

The Office…for the 3rd time.

Describe Texas in 3 words.

Opportunity. Growth. Community.

Who has helped you in your career? 

There have been hundreds of successful people that guided me through my journey. I am better and stronger each day because of them.

How do you balance your personal and professional life?

 I don’t. Every day is an effort to find that balance and some days I do a better job than others. 

On The Menu: Morning beverage? Favorite place to grab a meal? 

Cook at home. It is the best thing you can do for yourself. 

What’s next for you and your business? Are you working on anything specifically this year?

Fundraising, fundraising, fundraising. 

Name a Texas woman that inspires you. 

Suzy Batiz. From an abusive relationship and bankruptcies to building an empire with an immensely successful brand. I admire her drive and persistence.

Anything else you’d like to share with the women of Texas?

You are stronger than you think.


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