Invest In Texas Women

The Her Texas Fund raises money with the goal of advancing the growth and success of woman entrepreneurs and business professionals based in the state of Texas. Fueled by current Her Texas members as well as community and corporate supporters, the fund is fiscally sponsored by the Players Philanthropy Fund.

A fund for US, BY US

The Her Texas Fund is investing in the future, by supporting the continued growth of women-led businesses and empowering the next generation of women in business. The fund is fueled by the community, our members and one of our core values, Invest In Her.

The Fund is on a mission to make it possible for every woman, no matter her age, income or zip code, to be an investor in other women. While Texas is a pro-business climate, it is still challenging for many woman-owned businesses to secure the funding needed for growth and expansion. Through grants and continued education, the Fund hopes to provide female founders (current and aspiring) in Texas with additional support and financial advocacy.

The Her Texas Fund will offer Her Texas members with education, networking and an opportunity to apply for “no strings attached” grants which can be used to grow their businesses and for professional development.


Major gifts and philanthropic support are gifts of $5,000 or more that help us make significant progress towards the Her Texas Fund’s mission to be one of the state’s largest funds dedicated to woman-owned businesses. Our investors drive innovation through early and ongoing support and are key to our ability to scale our reach and impact. Donate online below or email us at for more details.

the future is texas women.
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