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On Tuesday, April 23, Texans will come together in support of and investment in woman-owned restaurants, bars, food and drink businesses. As a celebration of the power of women investing in women, this all-day event has a dual mission: to raise awareness and direct financial support to the deserving women entrepreneurs, while also offering a unique networking opportunity for all.

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Fork and Femme One-Day Goal
Fork and Femme Her Texas

Fork + Femme | Shinsei Restaurant in Dallas with Co-owner Lynae Fearing

Fork and Femme invites  community members, both men and women, to join together in the celebration of women-owned businesses, strengthening the sense of community and driving direct economic impact.

Multiple cities across Texas will feature official Fork and Femme hosts facilitating group gatherings, making it easier for participants to engage in meaningful conversations and share experiences while enjoying their meals.


Fork and Femme Texas

feature your business

If your business is at least 50% woman-owned, we'd love to drive business your way. Know a great woman-owned restaurant that could use extra exposure? Add them to the list! We'll release the Fork and Femme Directory on April 1st.

1,000+ participants around Texas
30+ supporting cities
One day $50,000 statewide goal

About HER texas

Formed in 2019, Her Texas is a diverse, women-led membership organization and collective investment engine. Our mission is to drive statewide commerce and community as well as provide businesswomen with an opportunity to network, build and invest in women entrepreneurs, regardless of their zip code and income level.

Our impact as an organization lies in our ability to connect and collaborate at a statewide level. We champion collective investment and advocate for more direct spending with woman-owned businesses. We’ve built an innovative platform that offers Texas women with an opportunity to do both.

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