Don’t ever be afraid to dream big. Don’t waste any time doubting yourself and seek out at least one mentor related to your industry that can guide and encourage you and help you navigate the waters of entrepreneurship. – Diana Gonzales

Texas Founder: Diana Gonzales | Founder, Savage Coffee Co. | San Antonio

Founded in February 2021, Savage Coffee Co. is a San Antonio-based coffee company currently located inside the Boeing Center at TechPort. The company was born out of Diana’s love of coffee and a journey she was on to reinvent herself.

In Her Words

My family is originally from Mexico and to make myself stand out from other name brand coffee businesses, I decided to bring in Mexican flavors to my menu and offer people something they wouldn’t be able to get anywhere else! This is why my house specialty lattes are all infused with Mexican candies and flavors. These candies are individually unwrapped, crushed, and infused into our espresso to create one of a kind delicious coffee drinks.

Savage Coffee Co is based in San Antonio

The word “Savage” describes the mentality I had to develop and continue to develop each day by reminding myself that I am more than capable, I am deserving, and I was put on this earth with purpose. I knew nothing about selling coffee, but I turned my passion into a business and that is SAVAGE!

One of my biggest challenges as a business owner has been overcoming the financial uncertainty you can face when decide to become an entrepreneur. My parents were hardworking people who worked in hard labor jobs that paid well and offered benefits, but never did they think of or try starting their own business. Growing up, I was encouraged to get good grades and make it through school so that I could get a good paying job with benefits and that’s what I did. I went into corporate and got comfortable with receiving my paycheck every two weeks. Going into business I soon realized that’s not how it works when you become a business owner, sometimes you get paid and sometimes you don’t.

My vision for Savage Coffee Co. is a shop that will offer coffee, Mexican sweet bread and light eats. I want to create a coffee spot like no other in this city that becomes a vibe for people who come to visit. You walk in and walk out feeling SAVAGE!

Diana Gonzales is the founder of Savage Coffee Company