The Future of Women-Led Investing Starts Now

Her Texas is excited to announce the launch of its inaugural investment initiative, BankHER Community Investment Circles.

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What is a BankHER Investment Circle?

We believe that every woman has the power to become an investor, no matter her zip code or current income level. Each BankHER Circle will offer an opportunity to not only meet other women passionate about supporting the success of woman-owned businesses, but it will also provide an easy and very direct way to invest support and dollars back to women entrepreneurs in Texas. We seek not to replace current investment initiatives, but to add another option for women founders who need it.

A BankHER Investment Circle is a diverse group of women who come together to ensure that woman-owned businesses in their community have another vital source of funding. In a BankHER Investment Circle, women unite with common goals and interests to support local businesses in need.

By pooling their knowledge, money, and resources, members (or BankHER Investors) can make a significant impact on the success and growth of woman-owned businesses, far beyond what they could achieve individually.

Our innovative approach goes beyond traditional philanthropy, focusing on providing no-strings-attached grants fueled by the contributions of women in their community.


Her Texas women in business Lubbock, Texas

Led by a Circle Lead (or Co-Circle Leads), each BankHER Investment Circle pools its financial resources together every Investment Cycle (three months). The goal is to issue all collected funds as a “no strings attached” grant to women entrepreneurs in their community.

Here’s how it works:

  1. Pooling Resources: Each quarter, members of the Circle contribute financially to build a fund specifically for supporting woman-owned businesses.
  2. Selection Process: Through an online application process, each Circle reviews and selects a founder to support, ensuring that the funds go to a deserving woman entrepreneur in their community.
  3. Grant Distribution: The selected founder receives the pooled funds as a grant, providing them with financial support to grow and sustain their business, free from any repayment obligations or restrictive conditions.

By coming together, BankHER Investment Circles create powerful, community-driven funding opportunities that make a real difference in the lives of women entrepreneurs.

Step 1

Let us know if you're interested in becoming a Circle Leader or Circle Member

Step 2

Sign up for a July info session to learn more/sign up for BankHER

Step 3

Form (or join) your BankHER Circle by 8/31 to participate in the first investing cycle

Step 4

The first official BankHER Investing Cycle begins! 9/1 - 11/30. Grants to be issued in December


Join Her Texas in Houston, Texas as we introduce the first BankHER Investment Circle at the YGC Conference, August 19 – August 20.

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