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From Austin to Denton, El Paso to Rowlett and Lubbock to Laredo, Her Texas serves as a much needed pipeline to community and capital for women looking to build something epic here.

Formed in 2019, Her Texas is a diverse, women-led membership organization and collective investment engine. Our mission is to drive statewide commerce and community and provide businesswomen with an opportunity to network, build and invest in woman-owned businesses, regardless of their zip code and income level.



Our impact as an organization lies in our ability to connect and collaborate at a statewide level. We champion collective investment and advocate for more direct spending with woman-owned businesses.

We’ve built an innovative platform that offers Texas women with an opportunity to do both.

Her Texas Houston

Desiree klaus Houston

Houston Founding Member

We believe in the power of women-led businesses to drive economic growth and create positive change in our communities.


We recognize that Texas’ size is both a challenge and an opportunity. As the rate of woman-owned businesses continues to grow in Texas, our success is CRITICAL to fueling continued growth and the creation of jobs in our communities. We must address the lack of capital, education and connectivity women-owned businesses in Texas face, especially for women of color which represent a larger % of the overall population and of small businesses and startups than in other states.

the future is statewide

Woman-owned businesses in Texas now have a statewide support system that holds space for them to navigate the state collectively as one powerful sisterhood.

DATA. our community’s superpower.

Credible data is essential to making key decisions and creating impactful programming and funding opportunities in an active and robust entrepreneurial ecosystem. We believe it is important to go beyond “traditional” statistics.

Meet The Founder

Jasmin Brand is an award-winning marketer and serial entrepreneur who’s built a solid reputation as an out-of-the-box strategist and respected thought leader in strategic innovation and ecosystem development.

Building community. One cup of coffee at a time.


Her Texas Release Community Coffee

The mission of RELEASE is to create a supportive and empowering environment where Texas businesswomen can connect, exchange ideas, and leverage each other’s strengths to fuel personal and professional growth. Through our monthly coffee meetups, we are building a strong network of like-minded women who inspire and uplift one another on their entrepreneurial journeys. Join us on the first Wednesday of the month!

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