We are women business owners and female investors in the state of Texas, and we believe in the power of women-led businesses to drive economic growth and create positive change in our communities.

We are women business owners in the state of Texas and we believe in the power of women-led businesses to drive economic growth and create positive change in our communities.


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Why We Exist

As the world’s ninth largest economy, we recognize that Texas’ size is both a challenge and an opportunity for woman-owned businesses.

Small businesses are a major engine of growth in the U.S. economy and specifically in Texas, where women are playing an increasingly large role in the state’s entrepreneurial ecosystem.

Women in Texas account for almost half of Texas’ total workforce. The Lone Star State has one of the highest numbers of women-owned businesses in the country at 1.4 million. Women own 39% of businesses here.

Our voices and dollars matter.

As the rate of woman-owned businesses continues to grow in Texas, our success is CRITICAL to fueling continued growth and the creation of jobs in our communities.

We must address the challenges of capital, education and connectivity women-owned businesses in Texas face, especially for women of color which represent a larger % of the overall population and of small businesses and startups than in other states.

A community for us, by us

Woman-owned businesses in Texas now have a statewide support system that holds space for them to navigate the state collectively as one powerful sisterhood.

Interconnected statewide network

A movement powered by female founders

Business and state navigation

Increasing capital for woman-owned businesses
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What We Do

Her Texas is the first statewide network and membership platform created to specifically address the barriers and challenges faced by women that start and build businesses in the state of Texas.

From Austin to Denton, El Paso to Rowlett and Lubbock to Laredo, Her Texas serves as a much needed pipeline to community and capital for women looking to build something epic here.

By creating a vibrant, integrated ecosystem, we set the stage for every woman-owned business to continuously evolve through the existence and support of other women. We benefit from one another and grow forward together.

Our network provides woman-owned businesses with access to customer discovery, professional development, networking, navigation and funding opportunities fueled by our members and the community.

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